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Diving Great Barrier Reef

semi-overcast 22 °C

Spent 3 wicked days cruising and diving Great Barrier Reef. I'm an Advanced Open Water Diver now. Means I can dive down to 30 m. I picked Underwater photographer as speciality. (Pictures about to come soon) We also did navigation, buoyancy and computer diving.

This morning I saw a White Tipped Reef Shark (about 3 m) and a Green Turtle.

When doing a night dive the greatest attraction is the Red Bass. It will follow your torch and eat anything you point it at. Finally I can be god and decide about life and death *bruhahaha*

On the ship (Kankuroo Explorer) they had a pretty tough timetable. Every day we got up at 0530, did a morning dive before the sun came out, hat breakfast, did 2 more dives in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. When you go to bed you can virtually feel the nitrogen making you tired. But it might be as well the beer.

Next thing to do: In Cairns there is an organisation called Reef Teach. They talk about the fish you find out there. I think I'll pay them a visit once I had 8 hours of sleep in a row.

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sunny 26 °C

I managed to get a reasonably priced (380 AUD$) flight from Ayer's rock to Cairns. The climate is much warmer here in the North than in Central Australia. I guess that I'll stay for a week or so to explore the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest.

I'd really love to upload some pictures, but I can't resize them because this internet cafe has restrcted access to the command line. Be prepared for some pics to come very soon.

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diving sail rock

sunny 29 °C

Today I've continued my diving course with a Swiss couple. We went on a boat and drove out to the sail rock. A massive stone formation half way to Koh Tao and 20 km northwest of Koh Pha-Ngan. You can onlly see the top of it, but it reaches down about 28 m. At 12 m depth there is a little sand bank and between 9 and 18 m there is a chimney to dive up and down. Cool stuff. It's fascinating to breathe under water and you can see loads of fish and corals.

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Uluru aka Ayer's rock

semi-overcast 20 °C

Uluru is a sight for itself. It's just a rock in the outback and it looks best when you are about 1 km away from it. Once you get closer there are many holy sites, the Aboriginal people used for different ceremonies.

Accomodation: I'm staying in the Pioneer Outback Hotel. The only normal priced rooms you can find here, apart from the campsite maybe.

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Kakadu National Park

sunny 24 °C

I just got back from the best tour ever. The group and the guide were awesome. Everything was great. We saw crocs, climbed on a cliff, swam in the waterfall, BBQed and painted each other. I think I've also overcome my antipathie against Frenche people. There were two French guys in my group and they were really great people to go on a camping trip with.

After the trip we met at the guide's flat and got pissed at the Vic. Awesome evening. Now I'm hopping on a bus to Alice Springs. Though I didn't really plan to visit Uluru it's the best option I have at the moment. I hope that I can get to the East Coast somehow, once I'm in Alice.

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Darwin, NT

sunny 25 °C

This morning I arrived in Darwin, Northern Territory. I arrived at the hostel at 5am and they wouldn't give me a bed till 10am. I hadn't slept all night. That really pissed me off. Don't go to the Cavenaugh!! Finally I slept on a couch in the lobby and went for a little sightseeing tour from 9-10am. Then I slept a little bit and spent the night on the pool. I'm staying in a 20 bed dorm. That's definitely too much. There is guaranteed someone to snoar.

Next thing I did was booking a tour to Kakadu National Park. I'll departure tomorrow because otherwise I have to wait for 2 more days and there isn't really too much to do in Darwin. And I'm really eager to hit the outback. Of course, I booked a hardcore tour, ie camping, hiking, self-catering and a small 4WD.

At the moment it's high season here. So it's not as easy to get transportation, tours and accomodation. To get a cheap flight you have to book about 2 weeks in advance. At least it's cooler than in Thailand and Singapore.

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sunny 26 °C

The last few days I visited Singapore. It feels like coming home. You can read all the street signs, the traffic is regulated and the prices fixed. Just as Westerns are used to. The skyline is pretty impressive and I also liked the Discovery center. It promotes entrepreneurship, independence, multi-culturalism and a knowledge economy. They also showed a movie about the vikings. It says that when Live Eriksson met Indian people in North mankind had surrounded the globe. That happened around 1000 AD.

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Half moon festival

sunny 30 °C

I pretty much like the diving course so far. I'm the only student and my teacher is an Austrian from Graz. He doesn't quite like civilisation and having a 9-5 job. That's why he's a freelance diving teacher here in Thailand. An interesting alternative life model, I think.

Today I'm taking a break from my diving course, that's because I went to the half moon festival till 6am. Imagine a place in the jungle on a tropical island, decorated with black light art and DJs playing techno all night. I usually don't quite like that kind of music, but this time it was really good. Apart from that the whole thing was quite touristy with exorbitant (as of thai standards) drink prices, loads of western tourists and Thai bitches.

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On the island

sunny 32 °C

I arrived on Koh Pha-Ngan this morning. Unfortunately I had to spend one night on Ko Samui. A young law student took me to my hotel on his motorbike. Friendly guy. In the evening I watched the football game with the guy from the reception and got pretty pissed, ie I didn't see the end.

I have decided to take a diving course. I think Thailand is the perfect venue to start my diving career.

Accomodation: Best on my trip so far. I've rented a bungalow on the beach for 250 Baht (5 eur!). There aren't too many guests, so everything is very personal and they have a great terrace to sit on in the evening and enjoy their great (and dirty cheap) meals.

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