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On the way to Ko Pha Ngan

sunny 33 °C

The jungle trek was really awesome. The group was easy-going as well. There was more hiking than I had expected. I had thought that it was just some sort of tourist thing, but on the second day we walked for 3 hours. We spent the night in small towns in the mountains under mosquito nets. I smoke loads of cheap cigars. (just to keep the mitches away)

When we got back I had a Thai massage and jumped on the bus to BKK. In the morning I'll take the first train to Surat Thani.

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Chiang Mai

sunny 28 °C

Chiang Mai is not as fantastic as it said in the travel guide. Though it's quieter and cleaner than BK I don't really wanna stay here for too long. Maybe that's because all the sights are out of town. That's why I booked a 3-day-trip into the jungle. With elephants and bamboo rafting. Let's see how that's gonna be.

After that I'll head down to Ko Samui and Ko Pha-Ngan. The frightening thing is that I'm just at the beginning of my trip and I'm already running out of time. I could well spend 2 more weeks in Thailand.

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Bangkok - day 5

semi-overcast 35 °C

Yes, it's right. I am a lazy bastard. But there is so much to do and see in BK. I did most of the cultural stuff, had a traditional Thai dinner, went to a club in Kao San road for bitch-watching and went to Pantip-Plaza. The biggest electronic store ever (or so far).

This evening I'll take a train up to Chiang Mai. I mainly wanna do a trek in the jungle there.

best regards,

PS: Got the DVDs and Rolex. DVDs are fine. But the watch is already broken. ):

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Bangkok: day 1

rain 28 °C

After a really short 11:40 hours flight I arrived in BKK this afternoon. Leaving the airport is like stepping in a palm house. 110 % humidity, 30 `C.

I'm staying with a primary school English teacher. Originally he's from the Philipines. It's great to have someone with local knowledge you can ask stuff.

Tomorrow I'll start exploring the city and shop for some pirated DVDs and a new Rolex. *lol*


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Round the world: expectations

There are always phases in life where everything seems to be possible, and nothing is routine or definite. When you're just in between them they feel very exciting and maybe a bit frightening. But once you look back you'll miss the freedom you had during that time.

There are less than 20 hours left until the departure for my Round the world-trip. I have no idea what awaits me or how and with which impressions or how much money I gonna return. People are wishing me a nice holiday. I think, this trip is definitely more than an holiday. It will shape me just how every other trip shaped me.

This is my motto for the next three months:

  • Explore
  • Meet
  • Learn

So you can see it's not about sights or all these touristy things but people who live there or I'll meet while travelling.

I hope this post didn't get too trashy, but there simply has to be a philosophy or a strategy. More tangible reports will follow.

Stay tuned,

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sunny 25 °C

Today I noticed that my fligth back to Austria leaves at 16:20. That gives me one more day in southern Spain because I still catch the flight if I arrive in Lisbon the same day. I took the chance to visit Gibraltar. The British took over the rock 302 years ago and defended it sucessfully against various enemies. Today Gibraltar reminds me pretty much of Great Britain or London. You can quite the same stores and sights are equally expensive. I bought myself a Burton shirt. The shirt is great but it turned out to be a bad idea to buy it BEFORE visiting the upper rock, since a gang of Barbary Macaques (apes) sit around there and wait for tourists to nick stuff from them. Preferably plastic bags and rucksacks. You really have to watch out and hide your stuff.

To escape the thieving apes I made a tour through the mountain's tunnel system. There a 50 km of tunnels, but only 35 km of road on Gibraltar. A German gave me a private tour. I guess he was quite happy to speak some German for a change.

PS: I uploaded some new photos. See them here.

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Surfer's paradise: Tarifa

overcast 24 °C

I arrived in Tarifa this morning. I'm pretty done by the long journey. I guess I caught a little travel diarrhea as well. I decided to get a coke and walk around in Tarifa. There is plenty of time to be sick at home.

Visiting Tarifa in may only gives you kind of an idea what's going on here in summer. Even now you see SUVs with surfing stickers, big tan guys with long hair and surfing shops almost everywhere. It must be just crazy in summer.

But for now I'm quite satisfied with a toilet I can see from time to time and a shower. I'd have never believed it, but being smelly can disturb intercultural piece. That's what I learnt on the train from Marakesh last night. I was sharing a compartment with two South Koreans I had met on the desert trip. We must have been really smelly because the Moroccan woman traveling in our compartment complained about us with the conductor and was relocated to another compartment. Diplomatic, I am, I tried to show our good will by showing off my melting deodorant but that left her unimpressed. *lol*

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3 days of desert

sunny 45 °C

Yesterday evening I returned from my desert trip. Great people in my group. The highlight was a camel-trip and a night in a Berber camp. I`ll publish some pictures very soon.

On the first day we drove through the Atlas mountains and stayed in an hotel located next to a river and a massive stone wall.

Then we visited a Berber family who tried to sell us their carpets. After that we reached the real sand dessert (before it was stone dessert). We rode on camels to the Berber camp and missed to watched the sunset from a dune. Though the dune was still nice. In the evening we listend to Berber tales and spent the night under the open sky. Just imagine how cool that was.

The last day was manly a 10-hour driving day, which I continued with a 10-hour driving night on the train.

All in all a great trip, if my stomache wouldn`t hurt like hell now. I blame the salad and/or the watered orange juice.

Best regards

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sunny 35 °C

I just decided to hop over to Africa for a few days. I haven`t yet been there anyways. Let`s go was drawing a really negative picture of the country, especially Tangier. But I didn`t find it as bad. There might be a few people trying to sell you stuff, and at the port a guy was waiting for me with a fake-ID, saying he works for the tourist information. I let him arrange for a taxi and he explained the way to the ATM. At that point I was virtually prepared for everything. But I guess their real plan was to charge me an exorbitant taxi-fee. The cheeky driver started with 120 MAD. Finally he drove me for 30 MAD. Still overpriced, but I don`t wanna discuss the price forever.

At the trainstation I quickly found some company. In the end we were 6 Westerns going to Marakesh. Especially the two Canadian girls (that`s right mum, on their own in this dangerous country)had quite an idea about what they were doing. Maybe because they have been traveling for 8 months so far.

Marakesh is an awesome city, especially the Medina. I`m glad Evelin, my Mexico-American companion didn`t force me to visit more ruins. She was more into shopping. I didn`t buy anything, but booked a 3-day Sahara Expedition. Already wonder how that`s gonaa be.

All the best

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