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Update: new horizons

sunny 27 °C

Since I`m not temped to wait for 5 hours for a bloody bus to Tarifa, I`ll go to Gibraltar first.

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new horizons: Tarifa

sunny 24 °C

I spontaeously decided to leave Lagos, since sun-bathing got boring, and there wasn`t much going on besides that. So I did a short sailing cruise to the grottes and hopped on a bus to Sevilla.

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sunny 25 °C

I had a great night out yesterday. The bars aren´t too crowded yet, so it´s easier to just meet everyone. I mostly chatted with two Australian guys and the Austrian barkeeper Monika. Quite impressive to meet Austrians that far away.

Tomorrow I wanna do a boat cruise, since being on the beach all day already gets boring.

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sunny 25 °C

I just arrived at the campsite in Lagos. It´s 5 euros a night and they got new toilets and hot showers!! Next to me there is a french couple with a VERY tiny tent and 2 german nurses.

Plans for the evening: empty a bottle of gin and check out the town.

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sunny 24 °C

I arrived in Lisbon this evening. I spontanuously had to change my accomodation, because they wanted to bill me 40 bucks just because I didn`t book online. But I found a better one in an old lady´s house. It wasn´t too easy to find.

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LinuxTag: day 2

Today I put my Focus on free software philosophy and Ubuntu. First talk was about Friedrich Nietzsche and open source. It was given by a PhD of physics and philosophy. Luckily the speech is on the official DVD as well. So I could read it again at the train station. Two other highlights were the keynote speech of Mark Shuttleworth and the hacking contest.

If you're interested in the LinuxTag or one of the talks you can get most of the material at http://www.linuxtag.org/2006/.

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LinuxTag: day 1

sunny 20 °C

I just got back from Wiesbaden. Indeed a nice exhibition. But don't ever tell those guys you aren't a coder. Otherwise they will talk to you as if you were 5 years old. Whatever. Today the best presentation was the command-line-marathon with Sven Guckes. This guy got EVERYTHING in command line. Starting from E-Mail, ICQ to WWW and text-editing. For my part, I'll stick to Thunderbird and Opera.

Another great talk was given by credativ GmbH CEO Michael Meskes. He discussed the issue, whether one can make a living from OpenSource by consulting and support. But he also admits that you still have to use proprietary products as well to fully satisfy all customers.

Good night then. I'm dead tired, since I didn't sleep too much on the train. (and almost missed it because of the vanity fair)

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Linux-tag 2006

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Frankfurt for a Linux-exhibition. Finally all those little programs and projects that make up my OS get some sort of human face. Recently derStandard wrote that the main bias for Linux not being used in a business-environment is the shabby outfit, ie sandals and long hair. On Saturday Mark Shutterworth is giving a talk on his Ubuntu 6.06 aka "Dapper Drake".

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Travel office

Today I went to the travel office to check for an RTW-ticket. Since I've never been in a travel office before, everything is quite new for me. But it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. The lady seemed to know what she's doing and the ticket turned out to be cheaper than I had expected. We'll see. On friday she will mail me an offer.

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