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Finally D.I.S.A.R.M.I.N.G.

(in german it's ABR√úSTEN. It means returning your gun and stuff and leaving the army)

sunny 19 °C

I always knew it, but never could really believe it. The day is coming, when my time in the bl** army is over and I'm free of any obligations again. Free to go wherever I want.

Although I must admit that those 8 months had their positive aspects as well like:

  • loads of stuff to eat
  • 15+ hours of sleep every day
  • more pocket money from the state
  • zero responsibilities since someone else does all the thinking for you
  • some witty guys whatsoever

But as I said, its like living in the golden cage. Trade your freedom for comfort and security. That's definitely not my thing. I'm more the one to life in a shabby tent, hitchhike, cook yourself, party till dawn, meet other cultures, be flexible, spontaneous, open-minded and above all: change location from time to time (and maybe return of stay longer if it's nice).

I'm glad that this chapter is over and I can (actually I'm about to) write the next one. I will start studying economics and management in october, but before that there are still 5 (!) months of my gap-year left. Now I want to add some life and unique experiences to those months. I thought about starting with a short trip to Portugal and then doing a RTW-Trip. Let's see where this will take me.

For the moment: stay connected and don't hestitate to post your comments.


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