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Fiji Islands

Nacula Island, Yasawa

sunny 27 °C

It's unbelievable how quick this week on passed by. I had a wicked time there. Just how it's meant to be. Perfect beaches. Great people (Hi folks!!), campfires on the beach, a couple of activities and some tanning.

I uploaded a couple of new pictures.

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overcast 16 °C

Yes. New Zealand loves to play outdoors. In 1988 some guys from the Oxford dangerous sports club thought that it might be cool to jump off a bridge, being attached to a rubber cord.

I knew: If you ever wanna try Bungee, Queenstown is the perfect place to start. I jumped off Kawarau Bridge. The site of the first commercial bungee-jump. Not so high and great to start with. Great feeling when you jump down and not so terrifying as you might think (once you have jumped)

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sunny 2 °C

Means you fly on some mountain with a helicopter and go for a walk there. Handy thing. In my case I flew on the Franz Josef-Glacier and went on the walk on the ice.

Rating: WICKED

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Down to the South

overcast 15 °C

I'm so glad I got rid of my car. Fuel was getting more and more expensive and it had a little breakdown in Rotorua. Fortunately the Rental company paid for the mechanic.

I decided to explore the South island by bus. Cheaper and more relaxed.

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Flood Caving

rain 11 °C

That was a good one. My plan was to check out some caves in Waitomo. But it had been raining all night and the cave was almost flooded. The guide wasn't sure wether we can do the tour or not. Me and 4 guys from the UK decided to give it a try. It was awesome. There was so much water in the cave. Our guide Kieran loved it too. Abseiling the waterfall was particulary good.

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Cape Reigna

sunny 13 °C

Yeah. Drove all the way up to Kaitaia and had to take the bus for the last couple of km because it's easy to loose your car at the 90-mile-beach.

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overcast 14 °C

I flew to New Zealand this night and stay in Auckland. I wanna get some wheels as soon as possible and get out of town. I've got enough of cities. Time for some outdoor-stuff and landscape.

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Getting 21 in Sydney

sunny 24 °C

I went to Sydney and joined up with a bunch of Austrians I knew from home. Those guys have been traveling the country for the last 3 months and they know the place.

For my birthday I popped a champagn-cork into the Sydney harbour, standing next to the opera house. Stylish birthday. Just the way I like it.

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Cape Tribulation

sunny 26 °C

After my diving trip I still had some time left and went for a quick trip to Cape Tribulation, a protected area of rainforest north of Cairns. Wasn't very exciting. But they had good icecream.

In the evening I gave Reef Teach a visit. It's a presentation about the life out on the reef. Tailored to divers and snorklers. VERY informative, but the guy there was acting too much of a clown than a biologist.

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